Forgive my ignorance- totally out of my element with this. Basically:

[B]Treo 700wx was Verizon and had it flashed to Metro PCS service. Treo functioned as normal, with no limitations or complications, full web, couldn't have been happier, etc. One day my web ceased to function.
After several days, the net started functioning again, but barely functioning. Generally it would stall out each time it would go to change pages (or screens) and would receive one of two error messages every time:

- Page cannot be displayed or downloaded because the connection was lost. Check the connection and try again.

- Page cannot be displayed because the server could not be found or a DNS error occurred.

Most frequently it is the first of these two error messages. I have observed that generally when I get these messages: if I go to SETTINGS, then CONNECTIONS tab, to WIRELESS MANAGER and turn PHONE OFF and immediately back ON, the web will function again momentarily. This prompts the pop-up box with CONNECTING... header as it dials to connect to the web. At times this will fix the problem for hours. At other times, I'll get an error message every time I change pages. Generally if I receive a call it disrupts the web's connection and results in one of the above error messages.[/

I realize there's likely an obvious explanation for this problem- just not obvious to me. Not a total moron, but have no interest or expertise for anything web-related. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?!