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Thread: 3G network issues with samsung SGH-F480

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    3G network issues with samsung SGH-F480

    I recently purchased a samsung SGH-F480. Thanks to this forum website I was able to enter the proper codes so it would work with my provider
    ( At&t ). However, the icon always shows as G network, and not 3G. Does anybody know what the problem is or/and how to fix it? My phone is 3G capable, so I know the phone should be able to do that. What can I do? Who is "in charge" of that: the phone or the service provider?

    Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks so much!

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    Although the phone is 3G capable, it only has the 2100Mhz 3G frequency which is used outside of the North America. North American 3G frequencies for AT&T are 850/1900Mhz so that is the reason your phone only displays the G for GPRS (and possibly EDGE as well). There is nothing you or AT&T can do to use 3G since it doesn't have the North American 3G bands.

    Another thing is it has the 900/1800/1900Mhz GSM bands of which only the 1900Mhz is used here in the US for AT&T and T-Mobile. Since you are using it with AT&T, you will have limited coverage without the GSM 850Mhz band.
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