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Thread: Way to tether Katana Eclipse for data use?

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    Question Way to tether Katana Eclipse for data use?

    A friend has a Katana Eclipse and a data plan with Sprint. She is wondering if she can pay extra to use it as a modem so she doesn't have to purchase a standard USB modem on top of her cell phone.

    If she can what would the price of this be? I doubt there is a free way to do this. She only wants it for email while she's home from college.

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    it depends on the specific plan she has as to whether PAM can be added as a paid, legit option... most plans do not allow it... and she probably wouldn't be happy with the cost if it were allowed (not cheap)...

    there *is* a "free" way to do tethering and as long as she doesn't plan a major amount of usage, it is probably the best solution. However I don't believe the method has been worked out for the recent Sanyos... it is probably possible, but not easy. In fact, other than most smartphones, most recent phones make it somewhat difficult. Probably the easiest current phone is the LG Lotus (not the Lotus Elite). The newer Samsungs can be hacked with some effort and most older Samsungs readily allow it. The upshot is that she should probably get a phone that makes tethering easier than the Sanyo... either a Lotus (current) or Muziq (discontinued) or an old Samsung (e.g. A920, A900, M610) ...

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    Sanyo Katana Eclipse X, tether PAM

    Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place.

    I have a Sanyo Katana Eclipse X which is Sprint branded. The ESN is not active on any account, per a Sprint store rep.

    I see that it can be put on Boost Mobile CDMA but I want to know if I can use it for Phone As Modem, tethered/tether/tethering.

    The current firmware is 1.006XP where 1.007XP is available. It is a clamshell version WithOut the full keyboard.

    I pulled up "Hardware: 0204" from an info/version screen; the same menu area where the firmware is listed.

    Many thanks.