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Thread: ***PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING: Phones That Work On Page Plus

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    ***PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING: Phones That Work On Page Plus

    **Please Note: This may have changed. Please check out the current discussion on the use of smartphones and new Verizon Wireless handsets on Page Plus by checking out the Handset and Modification sub-forum.**

    This wiki page has info on what features work and don't work, with a list of handsets that have been activated on Page Plus.
    This list will be updated as we collect more information

    In addition, there is a page for Verizon handset data provisioning.

    And one for manual activation.

    Anenue: Please sticky and lock this thread. Thanks
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    Looking For Tutorials? Looking To Get Mobile Web Working?

    If you're looking to get mobile web working on your phone, please check the Wiki, and do a search, before posting.

    The Wiki has many phones that work "out of the box" and then also has tutorials on getting some phones to work.

    You can find the Wiki here:

    The list of Verizon phones that work, and their features that work, without modification is located here:

    The tutorials to get mobile web working on some Verizon phones is located here:

    Please also read the thread located here:

    Remember, if you still need to post, please do so in our sub-forum. Otherwise your thread will be closed.