Hey guys, got kind of a weird problem here. I have an unlocked Cingular Palm Treo 680 that I've been using on Rogers for the past year or so, but a few months back it suddenly stopped receiving picture messages sent from my wife's phone, a Nokia 5310. (Yeah, we're both a bit behind the technological curve.) It used to work fine, then for no apparent reason that I can think of it, it just stopped.

I can send picture messages from my phone to hers with no trouble, and I can receive picture messages from other phones. (The two others that I've tried, anyway.) And the pictures she sends do go to my Rogers account, because I can access them through the Rogers MyPix site. They just never get to my phone.

Any thoughts at all on why this might be happening? It's really frustrating, since she's the only person who actually has reason to send me photos now and then, but she's the only person who can't.