Can a Net10 SIM work in a Unlocked GSM carrier phone?

One might say no because the phone does not come with the standard equip counter firmware needed, or does it?

If one got the SIM to work in a Unlocked GSM carrier phone then how would it deduct your minutes, or would it? Would it even deduct your SMS messages?

Ok there is a bit of a puzzle then, if this was to have have happened and then repeated. Here is the filler, help me! Net10 300GB Prepaid Phone Activated 300 min then used down to .41 units remaining+ service days. Odd number right? Thats the way the phone was when it was passed down. Not from some hacker either. Quit the opposite the guy did not know a thing about phones. It was his first prepaid phone ever. First cell phone ever. Dumb luck maybe??? .41 units on the LG. Out of wonder born of curiosity a Net10 SIM transplant was preformed with a pre-screened GSM donor. The result was a scary suspicious success.

How did this happen and what do I with this? Is there anybody out there?