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Thread: Comcast 250 GB Bandwidth Limit

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    screw comcast lol, i go over my limit every month, i have 3 tvs in my house all with xbox's that almost all the time are streaming/gaming and now they are adding hulu so they will get even more bandwidth usage. i also have 3 cpus also hogging up every bit of bandwidth my modem has to offer. My highest GB per month was 876gb! i laughed! i have never heard a peep from them! I think the trick is...... Believe it or not from month 1, my GB per month has been over 350gb! Its that easy, then it just looks normal to them. But really it depends on your local network ( Like the neighborhoods main switch ) if you are hogging it all up they will call you but i must just be lucky and no body around me comes close to my GB per month. Figured i throw my 2 cents in as when i first heard of this limit i went on to see i had blown my limit out of the water, i was so nervous and started to calculate numbers to figure out how i went so far over. lol all a waste of time. Funny thing is im always late on my bill too, usualy have a past due account HA!

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    Hi you can try to use ProteMac Meter.It’s tool record of your network and Internet traffic.It’s must be helpful to your.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad15 View Post
    well 250gb is completely reasonable, so it shouldnt scare anyone unless they're doing something wrong...
    Quote Originally Posted by mikethaler View Post
    ...Cell carriers have has to impose caps to cut off the 2% of the customers that abuse the system...
    Since when is using internet service for which I am paying fall into the category of "doing something wrong" and "abusing the system"? So what if I want to play interactive online games all day and watch streaming movies all night - I'm only doing the things that Comcast advertises as examples of why we should all be using their Xfinity service.

    I'm not meaning to blow up at the good people here in the forum, but I am sick of ISP's dangling this vision of their new faster services as being conduits to a wonderful new world of online music, movies, and gaming - and then crying foul when customers dare to actually use them.

    They get you in the front door with claims that they fast and have tons of bandwidth that let you do anything you can imagine. Then once they have you, the story changes: bandwidth is a limited resource, and the advertised speeds are "theoretical".

    In my mind, they don't get to have it both ways. Either the advertising is misleading, or the public shaming of their gaming and movie customers as outlaws and "bandwidth hogs" is a sham. Which is it, Comcast?
    // Ric

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