Hi I have a Nokia 3120 classic. I am having trouble getting my establish a data connection with java apps I think it has to do with the access point.

I know I have 3G and data as the nokia browser works and can download applications, but the ones downloaded like Opera Mini or Gmail aren't able to get a data connection.

Also with Wap it only works when 3G is a Defualt Config Setting, but items received are only Web. When Fet is selected that has access point, web, streaming etc. I can't get a connection.

Under perfered access point it doesn't have 3G just the other one, but I can't access data. I tried manually per researching the web, but I can't input DNS and when I tried bluetoothing a custom to save it said it was not compatible.

I'm in Taiwan for bussiness and on Far Eastone information for accesspoint according to web is as follows.

Far EasTone fetnet01 [blank] [blank] DNS: