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Thread: 3GS / Otterbox Defender... which chargers fit?

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    3GS / Otterbox Defender... which chargers fit?

    I'm looking for a one piece wall charger for the Defender case. When I was in the local, non-official Apple store (Small Dog Electronics in VT.), I tried a bunch of chargers but none of the one piece variety would fit into the charging port of the Defender case. I ended up buying the house brand of car cigarette lighter plug USB and a separate home brand charging/data cable, which works for the car. But for the house, I'm looking for an all in one solution. Yes, I know that the OEM setup that Apple ships with the phone will work, but I need something in addition, and I'm looking to get away cheap on it.

    Has anyone ordered a wall charger from one of the overseas distributors that works with their Defender and 3GS phone?
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    Most of the aftermarket iphone chargers should work as long as they use the same style plug as the OEM.

    For instance I own a PXAMG set up in my car that llows me to use both my iPhoen and iPod in the car and I control them through the radio. It plugs up perfectly into my Otterbox defender covered iPhone.

    Try a walmart,target or Bestbuy store. Also look at the AT&T store as they have a good selection of aftermarket chargers (or at least the ones near me do)

    Good luck in your quest