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Thread: Email Setup on Huawei U1250

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    Email Setup on Huawei U1250

    I'm having a challenging time setting up email on the Huawei U1250. Does anyone have any insight? Someone who has done it before.

    So far i've used the following configuration:

    originally posted by DarkQuarter from Nokia 5230:

    # Select 'Start' to begin the setup wizard.
    # Select 'IMAP4' and then 'Next.'
    # Enter your full email address (including '') as the email address and select 'Next.' Google Apps users, enter your full address in the format '[email protected]'
    # Enter '' as the incoming mail server and select 'Next.'
    # Enter '' as the outgoing mail server and select 'Next.'
    # Select the appropriate access point and then 'Next.'
    # Enter a descriptive name for the email account mailbox name.
    # Once your mailbox is set up, select it from the email mailbox settings screen.
    # Select 'Connection settings' > 'Incoming e-mail.'
    # Enter your address (including '' or '') and password.
    # Select 'SSL/TLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '993.'
    # Select 'Back.'
    # Select 'Outgoing e-mail.'
    # Enter your email address (including '' or '') and password.
    # Select 'StartTLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '587.'
    # Select 'Back' and change any other settings according to your preferences.

    This dosen't seem to work, and for some reason I'm not able to delete the in box after creating it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I actually was trying to find out the same thing for yahoo. I followed the same directions as you posted, thanks btw. I finally connected when I made the following change

    I tried incoming server as . . .

    outgoing server . . .

    not sure if inserting 'mail' will work with gmail.

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    When my Nexus One was being repaired I tried to get gmail going on my U1250. I was successful, but it's a useless exercise because it attempts to download every message. Considering most people don't delete their gmail messages, the mail on the U1250 is worthless.

    I don't recall what the settings are exactly, but it does work. If you really want to get it going, all I can suggest is to keep plugging away until it goes. I struggled a bit with it as well, but that's all I remember.

    Edit: I vaguely remember now that I struggled with the SSL and TLS portion including the ports. I would suggest playing around in this area.