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Thread: Cannot Undo Restriction - Not Allowed - Solution!

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    Cannot Undo Restriction - Not Allowed - Solution!

    I just managed to unlock a Nokia 6303 Classic after being told it couldn't be unlocked.

    I bought this phone from a friend and it was locked to Orange UK but I use Vodafone UK. I took it to several local phone shops and they all told me the same thing - it can only be unlocked by code. I called Orange but they wouldn't give me the unlock code because I am not the registered owner of the phone, so I paid £25 online for an unlock code which I got by email yesterday.

    After following the instructions and entering the code the phone displayed Cannot Undo Restriction and the phone remained locked to Orange. I called the company I got the code from and they said Cannot Undo Restriction or Not Allowed means the phone has had too many incorrect unlock codes entered. I called my mate and he confirmed that he had tried to unlock the phone with codes he got from one of those online code calcs (what an idiot).

    I thought that was it, no phone shops could unlock it and it wouldn't even accept the correct code. I did a little digging around on the internet and soon discovered that thousands of people had suffered the same problem - they had the right code but it was useless! Then I came across I followed the instructions and now my Nokia 6303 Classic is unlocked!

    Like I said, I know thousands have suffered the same problem and I just wanted everyone to know there is a solution and it doesn't cost a single penny!

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    wuhuuu! now i can use my nokia 6301

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