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Thread: Data differences between Cricket 3G and other carriers

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    Data differences between Cricket 3G and other carriers

    Hi all,

    I'm considering Cricket, but I'm trying to find out information on the difference between the Cricket 3G network and other carriers (such as Sprint/Virgin/Boost).

    Basically, I'm having trouble finding a straight answer on how my web browsing experience might be different on Cricket vs. the other guys.

    Does Cricket throttle your bandwidith? Do they ban certain sites and/or not allow certain types data use? If web use is important to me, should I look elsewhere besides Cricket?

    Thanks for any info. Like I said, I've tried to find the answers to my questions, but haven't had good luck, even after talking to local dealers, reading these forums, and on the Interwebz.


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    A phone on cricket with the normal "mobile web" access can have access to EVDO Rev A but is capped around 200kbit a second through a wap proxy (not to be mistaken with kilobytes). You can unofficially add the "HTML Data" addon for $15 and have access to cricket's broadband 3G speeds and in some markets avoid having to use the proxy.

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    Hey, thanks, I appreciate the info!

    Sounds like I'm better off going with a different carrier for web browsing.

    Thanks again!

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