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Thread: Debranding T-Mobile Nokia 5130

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    Debranding T-Mobile Nokia 5130

    First off, I am a real newbie to this area so please bear with me. I have successfully unlocked this phone with the code given to me from T-Mobile, I know this because I borrowed someones AT&T Sim to check it out. Now, I would like to be able to run Opera Mini on it. I can successfully downloaded the application but when I go to open it, the application access in not allowed. I am at a roadblock. I believe I need to get this phone unbranded (not just unlocked) and how difficult is it? Any help from fellow HoFo-ers is greatly appreciated!

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    Find the product code for your phone. It is in the back of your phone behind the battery.
    Download a program called NAVIFIRM and see what product codes are available for your phone.

    From here there are essentially 2 ways to do this:

    1 - Change the product code on your phone, and use the Nokia Updater to automatically update your phone. This is probably the safest way to do it, but it doesn't work for all phones. Sometimes you can't change the product code on your phone. If that's the case, then option 2 is the only way.

    2 - Download the firmware for your phone (using NAVIFIRM) and flash the phone using Phoenix OR Nemesis.

    You can get Phoenix from phoenixslayer on blogspot, use google to find NAVIFIRM and Nemesis. For detailed instructions, just google it. There are tons of tutorials out there.
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    Just to be clear, T-Mobile uses the RM496 5130c-2 version. I'm looking for a way to unlock this, too - on t-mobile firmware, the right soft key is always "t-zones" ... it's ungodly irritating. :P

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    I tried to connect this phone to computer with phoenix, but unsuccessful,

    any instructions how to select connectivity type? Thanks

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