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Thread: Currently available Loyalty, Preferred, Grandfathered add-ons

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    Currently available Loyalty, Preferred, Grandfathered add-ons

    I'm currently on a Grandfathered plan with 3 lines (1 cell, and 2 @Home lines). I'm thinking of adding 2 more cell lines to the plan. Here's the pertinent information, and a question following.

    I'm on the following Grandfathered plan.

    Preferred FT 600 NW
    1. 600 Whenever minutes
    2. Unlimited Weekend Minutes
    3. Unlimited Mobile to Mobile minutes
    4. Unlimited Weeknight Minutes

    I've got 3 lines. 2 of the lines (@Home lines) have no additional features. The cell line has the following added features:

    1. $4.99 TZones
    2. $4.99 300 SMS Messages
    3. Free myFaves

    As I said, I am going to add 2 new cell lines to the plan. I would like to get unlimited family texting that would cover all lines (if this can still be done), TZones added to the 2 new lines, and myFaves on the new lines. Don't know if it's possible or even if those are still available.

    I've looked through the threads here, and there isn't a running/definitive list in one place of the "currently" available Loyalty/Preferred/Grandfathered add-ons one can still get.

    So my question is. Can anyone list all the Loyalty/Preferred/Grandfathered add-ons still available (i.e. is $9.99 unlimited family texting still available). SOC codes or specific details of how to get them would also be appreciated.

    Since there are a lot of other threads about how to use the features, we should probably keep this specifically to "what add-ons are still available", and "specifically how to get it."

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Call retention. $9.99 unlimited family texting still available. Free myfaves add on still available. Tzones available but they probably won't give it to you. But you can get $5 preferred phone first web or $20 preferred smartphone internet available.

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    That thread has alot you can get out of it.

    But yes there is a 9.99 unlimited family text plan you can get through retentions.

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