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Thread: Porting phone number to Consumer Cellular

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    Porting phone number to Consumer Cellular

    I asked Consumer Cellular to port a phone number over to one of my phones on their account and found that they are sending me a new sim card and charging me for an additional line. They said that I could remove a line after the number was ported over. Do they really have to add an additional line or are they just wanting to charge me for an additional line?

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    I work with Consumer Cellular and the answer is that usually no, you do not need a second line to port a phone number over. But the good news is that because of Consumer Cellular’s 30-day, 30-minute money-back guarantee, you can cancel the extra line for a full refund, no questions asked. Just make sure to do it before you use 30 minutes or have the line open for 30 days, whichever occurs first. Hope that helps!

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    I had Verizon Wireless until it got so expensive I could no longer afford them so I tried porting my number from Verizon to Consumer Cellular only to find out that until the contract with Verizon is satisfied they will not unlock the mobile number, and that if I quit the contract midstream that they will come after me for breach
    of contract my mobile number is still under contract with Verizon I was informed that if I didn't finish out my
    contract with Verizon they will sue me for the remainder of the contract which is another year plus any court costs and attorney's fee's.

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