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Thread: Debranding X10 - From Rogers ...

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    Debranding X10 - From Rogers ...

    I recently got the X10 thru Rogers yesterday from the Roger’s Store.
    The agent advised the phone needs to be updated to the latest firmware, “R2BA020″.

    I need to know where to get the generic NA, latest firmware of R2BA020.

    Because, if I am going to update, might as well get a Generic / Non-Branded Version.

    Also, for unlocking, should I debrand 1st, then unlock or vice versa. Does debranding / rebranding locks the phone?

    Also, final question, how do I back-up the Rogers MMS/GRPS settings? (e.g. for internet data surfing, photo/video messaging, etc.)

    since it is a new phone, I got no media, no contacts, which is sweet!

    And how is it done?

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    I got an X10 yesterday too! lol
    I would like to know this too. I heard debranding the x10 from rogers makes it faster

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    I got the answers ...

    follow the instructions here...

    will give you latest generic R2BA026 firmware / rogers branding removed /

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