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Thread: Ordering an X10 Mini Pro from Europe

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    Ordering an X10 Mini Pro from Europe

    I've been waiting for this phone for a while to replace my iPhone and don't really want to wait to find out when/if this phone will make it to the US. I now want to try to order one from an online site from the UK. I just had a few questions for people who have had experience with this:

    1. Will the software and updating run into any problems since I am in a different region?

    2. Will any of the features no longer work once I pop my sim card in? Things like texting, surfing the net, etc. Will these things require special setup to work?

    Any other potential roadblocks I might run into trying to get this device to fully function with AT&T?

    Thanks for the responses in advance.

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    There should be an "a" version of the Mini Pro that's going to be released for use with US 3G bands. Not sure when that version is going to be released, but I would probably hold out for that version.

    Updating the phone should be no problem. I don't think region matters. From my past experience with non-US SE phones, I've updated with no problems. I don't think it'll be any different even if it's an Android SE phone.

    Everything should work when you pop your SIM into the Mini Pro. Though there are some occasions where MMS or using the web might not work, but you can get the configuration settings from SE to send to your phone so that it would work.

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