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Thread: Horrible HTC Support | Google Nexus One

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    Horrible HTC Support | Google Nexus One

    Has anybody else had issues dealing with HTC support and been able to get any decent resolution?

    I have been waiting for over 3 weeks since originally logging a support request on June 21 for my Google Nexus One to undergo a warranty repair because it would not power on, nor would it charge the battery.

    I had shipped the phone June 23, and it had arrived at the Markham, Ontario facility on June 24.
    On July 3, I had received a notification that it had finally arrived at the Houston, TX facility with the following status:

    Status: We have received your phone at HTC service center.
    Service Type: Repair
    Issue Description: power button is not working

    It is now July 14, and there has been no change to status at all. This is well over 25 days from original shipment, when I was assured by HTC that it would only require 7 days to repair and return the phone.

    I have made more phone calls to the support line than I feel should be necessary, and I have received the following excuses from HTC staff:
    - Markham only ships twice weekly to Houston
    - It's in the repair centre, so it will only be 2-3 days longer
    - The Houston facility has relocated to a larger facility, so expect a 2 day delay
    - There's nothing we can do but escalate your ticket, the repair facility and call centres are 1000 miles away. We just can't walk over and get an update.

    On two occasions I have asked for escalation, and for a phone call to let me know when I can expect my phone to be returned in working order. The first time was 2 weeks ago, and more recently on Friday I had requested a re-escalation.

    To date I have not received a phone call apprising me of the status of my repair. I have little confidence in the support processes that HTC has put in place to have my warranty repair completed in a timely manner.

    This has been a very trying experience for me at a huge inconvenience in that I have no phone to conduct my daily business and the fact that I have to constantly call HTC support center to request updates and resolution to my incident.

    In short, I feel that HTC support staff have not been forthcoming, and in general, their attitude, including the supervisors, is "Nothing we can do for you, we don't care and we'll say anything to get you off the phone."

    I am at the point now that I feel that I must give up on HTC and go to a competitor, and also at the point where I feel I would recommend my colleagues also do the same. I feel that I have been more than reasonable in my expectations for resolution and I consider HTC to have completely failed to address any of my concerns.

    Any feedback from forum members is greatly appreciated,

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    that is opposite of my experience. for a friend i called HTC cause her screen broke. they shipped a box to her house the next morning. they received her phone the next day. fixed it and sent it back to her within 24 hours.

    i called HTC on a monday to initiate the process. she had her phone repaired and back in her possession by that friday of the same week.
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    You're not alone, I had major problems with HTC support on an unlocked TyTNII. I sent it in per their instructions and I didn't hear anything back. I called two weeks later and they had no record of receiving it. I provided a tracking number and the department that it was delivered to. Finaly they found it and said it was being worked on.
    About a week later I received the phone in a box with no packing no service writeup saying what they did or charged me and all scratched since it was loose in the box.
    I called and they couldn't care less. I guess if they don't have carrier support they just don't care.

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