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Thread: Customers threaten to leave one carrier for another.

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    Customers threaten to leave one carrier for another.

    Ok so I get customers ALL the time threatening to go to at&t because its the better company. I get customers all the time who ask me "well who reads those contracts nowadays?" lol

    Ok so my girlfriend she works for at&t, she gets the exact same thing... people call and threaten to leave for verizon... and she gets the same thing who reads contracts nowadays excuses.

    I honestly wouldnt doubt that tmobile, sprint, cricket customers call in and yell them out how the competition is better because the competition gives them free credits for things they did on their phone that caused them to go over minutes, data overages, bleh. Even unlimited customers call in to complain about nothing. Oh and they all call from their phones to troubleshoot while on the phone.

    I have a friend who works for a cricket store, customers come in all the time to dispute bills... YES bills that are the same EVERY month... they complain about it being to expensive bleh bleh... I think companies have just babied customers to much that they(we) are just expecting it .. its no longer an augmented customer service experience but its standard service to be treated like babies..

    Just tought I would share that interesting intra carrier story.

    Oh yeah.. misspell , typos, call it whatever you want..

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    This is a really, really, really old post I dug up, but I think it has relevance here lol....the guy wrote it back during the Cingular/ATTW merger but it has renewed relevance with the VZW/Alltel merger...I'll go ahead and revise it

    Quote Originally Posted by Top 10 Things Not To Say In A Cellphone Store

    #10...But my bill says Verizon now......

    Ok signed up with Alltel, you have been billed by Alltel for years, your phone says Alltel on the outside. The only thing that has changed in your world is the logo on your bill. Let me put it into perspective...If you buy a box of Frosted Flakes, and your wife puts a picture of the Lucky Charms guy on the box, does the contents inside magically change into pink hearts and yellow moon marshmallows? Convert over or deal with the reality that you signed up with the wrong team.

    #9...Best Buy sells the eNV Touch cheaper....

    Its called a promotion. Their reps are hourly employees which means no comission is paid out. Best Buy keeps that commission for themselves. It does not phase them to cut into their own commission to get gross adds which allows them to hit a bonus payout. Plus they can mark up a refrigerator $200 to make up to $100 discount on the phone. Cell phone stores only sell NO, they won't match the price.

    #8...Customer service said I get a free phone....

    If customer service told you that you weighed 80 pounds less, would you run out and buy a two piece and flip flops? Congratulations..they told you what you needed to hear to get you off the phone and to walk into a store like everybody else. The prices are set locally in each market. Customer service can't possibly know the prices unless they visit each store. Besides, they leave notes on accounts if there is a free phone offer. 9 times out of notes on your account. If you bought the phone from Motorola or Samsung directly, you would pay 2-400 dollars. We only charge you 20-80. Where does that other 250 go? We eat it up front. But that is not good enough. You want more. You want free. If you buy cereal, does the store give you free milk? If you buy a car is the oil and gas free? If you get cable service is the T.V. free? No. But in cellphone land, we give everything away for free. Well guess what, we buy the phnes from somebody else.They charge us. We charge you. The phones today do more that that small monchromed-screen junker you surfed in on. $80.00 for a phone (after a rebate) over 2 years = $3.33 a month. Less than a pack of smokes cheap o.

    #7 But the phones are cheaper online...

    Does online have the same overhead that a retail store has? Are you talking to a live person who has real time feedback on your equipment decision? Is the return process as convienient as in store? No. If you are looking for a crappy low end free phone that will break in 6 months, shop online. If you want to invest some real money on a quality product with live demostrations and support, go to a store.

    #6 They gave me a free car charger last time...

    If they were free, why would we spend hours putting price tags on the back?
    You need the want the charger...its a convienient product...just pony up and buy one. I have had mine for over 2 years now. $26.99 divided by 24 months is $1.12 a month. What else do you spend more than $1.12 a month on? McDonalds? Beer? Toilet paper? CornNuts?

    #5 Activation fee? Can't you waive that?

    I'm sorry....I actually can. I just wanted to charge you extra because I wan't to piss you off and encourage you to not spend any more money today. I'm not really under a quota that my job depends on, and my commissions were not cut in half this month. Let me go ahead and press that Activation Fee waived button right here on my desk.
    Look..If you could process the transaction yourself...there would be no fee. But since you can't even figure out how to store numbers in your phonebook without using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

    #4 Why's my bill so high?

    Let me look, oh i see it. Right here. You were too cheap to pick the plan I suggested, and add the appropriate features you needed. Now you went over your minutes, got overcharged for pay per use texting, and now you have a $400 bill. Now you need my help? I get paid $4.00 for helping you cheap out on me for an hour, and I explained the whole instruction manual to you in store. Now you want me to give you a credit..Guess what...I CAN'T. We don't give credits in store. Its a big long process of e-mails and calls to people who have to escalate to their bosses. 5-6 days turn around time, and you are only getting 50% back, which is going to piss you off and cause you to cancel, I lose my $4.00, you get $150.00 penalty.You will make a scene, threaten to go to AT&T, and tell everybody how bad Verizon sucks. All because you were to cheap to pick an $89.99 plan to cover all your useage.

    #3 Can't I just re-sign my contract and get a new phone?

    A. You didn't finish the first contract you agreed to finish to get the discount on your current phone.
    B. It's not even in your name.
    C. You are the one who declined the insurance in the first place
    D. If you could just re-sign..wouldn't everybody just drop their phone in water and come in and re-sign?

    #2 My phone is broke.

    ....So...if you car breaks do you take it to the salesman in the showroom and ask him to fix it? Does my business card say cellphone technician? Does the sign out front say SERVICE REPAIR CENTER. NO!! The people in the store are there to sell things.We did not build the phone. We did not break the phone. We do not give out replacements. 300 customers a month average ( new and upgrades ) times 12 months = 3600 phones a year times 5 years in an area = 18000 phones sold. If everyone decided they have a problem with their phone and came into exchange it.....we would have -17000 phones in our inventory room to sell. Thats a good business plan. Instead...we have you call an 800 number to have the phone shipped from a warehouse directly to you, no postage to pay, not shipping costs. And what do you say? "I have to be without my phone?" or " I conduct $50,000 in business on my phone every day, I can't be without it " Hey buddy, $50,000 a day you can afford the $7.00 to have overnight shipping. When we did have repair centers, you *****ed about the waiting time. We can't win.

    #1 thing not to say in a cellphone store...

    But I have been a customer for xxx years...

    I have driven Fords for 12 years. I have eaten Papa Johns for 10 years. I have drank Mountain Dew for 15 years. I have shopped at Giant Eagle for 8 years. I have bought gas for 12 years. I have Hanes t-shirts for 25 years. I have had cable service 7 years. Do you think that any one of these companies have ever given me anything for FREE just because I have been a customer of theirs for xxx years? No. If you actually got billed for what it costs (from start to finish) to aquire you business, and use our service, you would crap you levis jeans (20 years).
    So in the spirit of things, let's add your observation to the list:

    "I'm gonna cancel and go to <fill in competitor carrier here>."

    And now I'll add my own:

    "But I pay 'you guys' over $200 a month!!!"

    This one is just asinine. People say this all the time, and they act as though their bill gets mailed to my store and I'm taking that money, putting it in my bank account, and using it to pay my Ferrari payment. Wow. You pay your bill every month. Congratulations. Would you like a cookie? You pay your bill, and Verizon provides you with cellphone service. You are not special. Millions and millions of other people do this very same thing every month, all over the country.
    Low price, Excellent Service, High Quality. Pick any two, but you never get all three.

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    i just cant believe that people EXPECT free phones and such now.. like are you serious? should i go to walmart and be like, i spend 500 dollars a month here in random ****, i feel that i should get a box of chicken for free! lol </rant>

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    I hate when people come in talking on thier cell phone for a half hour (even worse when it's on a bluetooth) while I wait just to help them. I know we're a cell phone store but it doesn't change the fact that it's still rude.

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    WOW I kinda forgot about that post. JP that just made my day!

    That one goes out to all the poeple that come in and say "i don't have to PAY for that do I" "I am NOT paying for a phone"
    Good things comes to those who wait.....but they only get whats left behind by those who hustle.

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    Call their bluff. "Ok sir, you certainly have that option, here's your account number, just make sure you don't cancel with us first or you'd lose your number. NEXT?"

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