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Thread: default voicemail password

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    Question default voicemail password

    What's the default voicemail password for a new AT&T account?

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    I am a little confused. My Verizon phone was able to roam on GSM because they used TDMA. Tell it was shutdown. The phone recognizes it as Analog. If PCS has TDMA, It could be technically be used on GSM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XFF View Post
    What's the default voicemail password for a new AT&T account?
    Usually it is the last four digits of the telephone number. In the past you could setup your voicemail from any phone. Now the initial setup has to be done with the handset with the phone number. When I first got our phones I setup the voicemail from my home phone while the two handsets were still being shipped. My wife's and my phone number differed only by the last digit, a "4" and a "6." Unfortunately I setup the second phone's voicemail using a "5" instead of a "6." I discovered the error when I called the number and the voicemail had not been setup yet.

    They might take you directly to the password setting routine when you call from the handset involved.
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