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Thread: Unlocked Blackberry on Fido

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    Unlocked Blackberry on Fido

    So I have been digging through different forums and google and have yet to find a solution to my problem. I have a Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9000 and for the longest time I have had no data coverage on it. Recently I got an awesome retention offer when i got the iPhone 4 with 6GB of data.

    So, I thought hey I know the apn settings and stuff so I can use my bold to tide me over during the wait.... and now I am here I have no idea what is wrong from what I understand generic data should run on atleast third party programs since I don't have a BIS or BES but here are the things I tried but had no success with:

    - APN settings: no user no pass (i have also tried it with fido/fido)
    - battery pull
    - trying generic service books that I found online

    and a bunch of other things but to no avail anyone have any insights? Was I wrong in assuming generic data will work with blackberrys? Data coverage is on wifi works just fine but data doesn't work at all Any help or direction to other posts would be greatly appreciated too


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    You must have a Blackberry-enabled data plan to access BB services. It's the same on any carrier. Please read my FAQ here.

    FIDO $60/10GB + 5 hours unlimited data
    WIND $15 AITF unlimited data (10GB full speed)

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