I have a couple of Alltel Blackberrys that are for sale. The first is a Pearl Flip 8230. About 1 year old. Recently, the speaker that plays ringtones/alerts has started sporatically cutting out. Phone is also missing the memory card door. Still works perfectly apart from the ringer. Would be great for someone who keeps their phone on vibrate all the time or as a backup 'Berry. Phone won't be avalible to ship out until Tuesday 8/10 or Wednsday 8/11 whenever my wife's new Curve arrives. $30 shipped

Next phone is a 8130 thats been used and abused. It took a dunk a couple of times, survived both times, but the keyboard would randomly stop working after the 2nd dunking. My kid tried to use it as a chew toy once as well. Probably only good for parts or maybe you could use it as a mp3 player with a microSD card. $10 shipped obo. Buy the Pearl Flip and I'll throw it in for free if you want it.

All phones sold as is with no other accessories included. Shipping by 1st class mail padded envelope is on me. If you want faster shipping or additional services, you pay for it. Email is [email protected] or BBM/Pin 30E5AC5C.