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Thread: Strange LabJal prob loading ringtone! Need help!

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    Strange LabJal prob loading ringtone! Need help!

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I last posted here, but I came across a problem I just can't figure out!

    For years I used WebJal to load wallpaper and tones on to my Nextel i870, i875, and other similar phones. Lately I have not been able to find working versions of WebJal, so I switched to LabJal. It has worked great for everything, without any problems!

    I have loaded hundreds of tones from this site, as well as custom mp3's that I chopped down and converted to wav.

    Recently I attempted to load the ringer from the movie "Crank". I found several mp3 versions of it online, and converted a few different ones to wav. When I attempt to load the converted wav. files with LabJal, it loads just like always, but at the end, an error pops up reading, "The type of file you are loading is not supported in this phone. Crank.wav can not be loaded."

    I can still load hundreds of other ringtones, both downloaded from Hofo, and my old custom tones, but whenever I try this recently converted tone, I get the same error.

    The file appears to be identical to the others I load. They are both Wav., 64kbps, 8 bit, 1(mono), 8kHz, PCM. The specs are the same! I can't remember which prog I used to convert my custom tones last year when I made most of them, but I am using a program called "switch sound file converter" now. I have converted a few different mp3's (just to be sure I wasn't starting with a bad original). Any idea why this new conversion would not work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a million!

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    Thread closed. There's a sticky in this section regarding softwares which we won't discuss--either because they're bootlegged, illegal, or limited access/legally protected--this one falls into that category.

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