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Thread: Games and Apps for the LG 420g...

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    Games and Apps for the LG 420g...

    It seems that Tracfone restricted the phone to only running tracfone purchased games and apps by requiring they have a few settings in the MANIFEST.MF file included with every java game and app. If you try and install one without it it even pops up and tells you which ones are missing LOL.

    So here is how you get regular java games and apps to install (this isn't any guarantee they will work though): Open the ".jar" file with winrar, there will be a META-INF folder, click on it and open the MANIFEST.MF file with notepad, add the following on two separate lines at the bottom:
    Author: TracFone
    TracFone-price: 0.0

    Then let winrar update the file. Then transfer it to the phone and it will install.

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    It's not working... it still says the same thing when I try to install.

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    It's worked for me. Lots of apps on my 420 by altering the manifest file.

    Perhaps try another method of editing? Make sure no crazy file attributes were added, if you have both a .JAD and .JAR file for the app just install with the JAR only...Something has to work...Take a break from it for a bit then try again

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