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    Calendar Question

    A few minutes ago I started entering a new appointment in the calendar of a Storm 2. Then I noticed an icon on top of the screen with my email address and on top of it says "Send Using". What is that. Why is it there. I'm not going to send an appointment. I've never seen that icon before. All I want to do is set an appointment up in calendar. Can someone explain this. Thanks.

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    It's not a icon. It's a drop down list.

    Calendar appointments on the BlackBerry are linked to an email address.

    By default, they are linked to the Default Email Address on the device. But when you create the appointment, you can can the email address calender to which the appointment will be linked.

    Appointments on the calendar CAN (but don't have to be) sent to another person. They will be sent from the email address to which the appointment is linked.

    It's always been there. You don't have to do anything with it. Just accept the defaults and go on.

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