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Thread: Palm Centro Screen Cracked... Please Help

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    Palm Centro Screen Cracked... Please Help

    I dropped my Palm Centro today, and cracked the screen. Everything else seems to work fine (you can read everything on the screen, and navigate it using the D pad), but there are several cracks running out of the bottom of the screen, coming out of a small, rather smashed looking patch of cracks. The screen doesn't seem to work at all. Except if I press near the top, the number 3 (on the screen dialer) does work sometimes, although if pressed several times, it dials the number 2 instead. When you press on any other area of the screen, you can see it slightly change color on a crack near where you press.
    Does this sound like the LCD is the only thing damaged? Sorry to be a dunce, but what is a digitizer (I know I've heard that in conjunction with the screen before), and does it sound like that is damaged also?
    I found a cheap deal on an LCD, and might be brave enough to attempt to fix it, but if it anything more, it just doesn't seem worth the investment.
    Thanks so much!!

    PS: I couldn't find a Palm Hardware Forum here, so I hope this post is in the correct section
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