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Thread: Tethering Dash 3g; screen stays on; deadens battery; what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iksotu View Post
    As far as using WMWiFi Router, Version 1.35 will turn the display off.
    I am curious, have you personally used 1.35 on a Dash 3g with the screen going off, and have you had difficulty with the current 2.0? Do you know where I can find 1.35? And if I do find it, will a license code I buy for 2.0 work with it? I had corresponded with WmWifiRouter's support and they told me this in email:

    Compatibility with the Dash 3G has been varied according to user reports. While tapping the power button should shut off the display and allow WMWifiRouter to work in low-power mode, some non-compatible / semi-compatible devices do not allow WMWifiRouter to work in low-power mode. Your best bet is to give it a try."
    The do not say what is different about individual Dash 3gs that affect the level of compatibility, but mine came with WM 6.5 and WmWifiRouter was the first program I installed on it, the other software being just the standard stuff that came with the phone.

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    Based on personal experience, WMWiFi Router Versions 1.30 and 1.35 worked well on T-Mo's Dash 3g. (Including Display Off)

    The Display, or backlight did not turn off using other 1.x versions, so I am aware of this issue. (I have not used the 2.x version)

    Originally I used, downloaded WMWiFi Router 1.30 trial from their website on an Ubiquio 503g (worked well)

    I presently am using version 1.6x on a TP2 and HD2. My original key worked in this upgrade. I do not know if the same key would be compatible in the 2.x series.

    I do not have the Dash 3g or the earlier version of WMWiFi Router any longer, or I would send it to you. Maybe you could request the older trial version from WMWiFi Router's support

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