My first day on chatr and there have been some bumps. After initially activating right away, I then got an Inactive USIM message that stayed on for hours. I was actually warned this would happen due to so many recent activations so I was patient (thought it was weird that the phone worked first, but anyway) but when it didn't go away I called up CS and they had me take out the sim card for a few seconds, put it back in, and voila.

One problem that hasn't been "voila'd" yet is text messaging. It's not working. No incoming, no outgoing. I called CS and they said it is a problem with the network and it should be resolved within 2 hours. That was many many hours ago and it's after midnight, so I don't expect it to be resolved by morning - if then.

I'm sure they'll get these issues sorted and when they do I'm really going to enjoy not having to worry about what time of day it is to make a call or have my friends who live just half an hour away (but ultimately are long distance) call me back so that I don't get dinged for LD charges... but it's been an unfortunate first impression, I'll say that.