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Thread: Samsung should be embarrassed - sunburst and pc studio

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    Samsung should be embarrassed - sunburst and pc studio

    I've been trying for three days to connect my new Sunburst to the PC Studio but to no avail. I've installed, uninstalled, shut down, restarted, three diffeent versions of the PC Studio and have had absolutely no success. I've spent hours surfing the web and trying things mentioned there. No luck, nada. In the past my experience has been with Nokia and that was a snap. Instant connection. The Sunburst itself seems to be an ok phone - I'm still getting used to it. But connecting it to my Acer netbook looks like impossible. If anyone can offer assistance I'd be greatful. As for now, my dissapointment with Samsung is significant.

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    Install these drivers:

    If your computer doesn't see the device, then your phone is toast, send it in for warranty.

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