I recently got a hold of a new in box Garmin Nuvifone G60 for a good price which was about the same as a stand alone Nuvi GPS unit. I figured that if it fails as a phone I can use it for a GPS in one of the cars.

I am using it with AT&T. I have also had the data connection blocked by AT&T so I don't use any data except when I am on wifi. I am more then happy to spend money on data plans for my iPhone and Samsung Captivate as they are smart phones. The nuvifone is at best a feature phone and at worse a GPS unite with a phone and with its browser is not worth the trouble.

1. Good size for hand/pocket and being able to view things on the screen
2. Well built with no sign of creaking when being held, the battery cover is solid and all buttons(volume, power/lock and camera) are very solid and have no wiggle (unlike the milestone I was using)
3. Phone calling quality is great
4. Email function (works well for hotmail)
5. GPS works great(as it should)

1. AT&T tried to sell it as a smart phone
2. Lack of physical home button
3. Screen is made up of the same composition as on a Nuvi stand alone unit, so the screen bubbles when pressure is placed on it while using it
4. Has the Garmin interface found on their GPS units (which is great for the GPS unit but sucks on a phone)
5. Lack of cases for it(I had to buy the Garmin OEM case which had the place for the windshield clip uncovered(every other hard or soft case sold did not have this)
6. Lack of car charger
7. Email function

All in all this is a nice phone with a GPS in it. It was sad AT&T marketed it as a smartphone with a $200-$300 price tag and required at that time a $30 data plan and still made you pay for the weather function which killed it.

Had this been sold for about $150-$200 with a contract with data OPTIONAL then this could have been a big seller as there is a lot of folks that would not mind having a real GPS unit attached to the phone so as to not have to drag the stand alone GPS in and out of the car when you only need to keep the window mount in the car.

The lack of car charger was a buzz kill because the unit will not stay lit up when using it in GPS mode on battery power alone(the display backlight turns off and you have to ether touch the screen or wait until the voice directions come back on) to save battery. It is inexcusable on Garmin's part as every GPS unit they sell comes with it. The good news is any miniUSB car charger will work but still annoying.

The email function is great and stupid at the same time. It works well on Hotmail but will not work on yahoo mail unless it is the paid version. On my Milestone the yahoo mail worked but not the hotmail.

WiFi works great

I also have a dead pixel on the right corner that is annoying but even though it is under Garmin warranty, they will not touch it since a dead pixel is in spec for them. I am not OCD but being that it is a white pixel it is annoying maybe it will go away after use.

All and all the Nuvifone is a great phone for somebody that wants just a phone and a GPS unit. They can be gad cheap now and AT&T will block data on it if you ask the CS nicely (I guess they would rather forget Nuvifone existed )