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    Hi all,

    I have just started working at Rogers retail and received an email address. I was having some problems configuring it for my blackberry.

    These are the steps I have tried to set up the account on my blackberry.
    1. Email Setup
    2. Other
    3. Email address/password input, Next
    4. It has problems configuring, so I click on "I will provide the settings"
    5. Email type - Outlook Web Access (Exchange)
    6. Outlook Web Access URL ->
    7. User name: I put in my LAN id, Next

    I get an error -> "Cannot log in. Verify your email address, user name and password. If the error persists, contact"

    From my computer, if I go to, I am able to access my account, so username and password are working properly.

    Are there any employees on this forum that can provide assistance?

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    For step 6 try:

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