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Thread: Best way to port number/bring over a line from another ATT account?

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    Best way to port number/bring over a line from another ATT account?

    Hi, I was wondering the best way to deal with my account.

    Right now its a family plan with 1 primary line and 1 extra line. Both lines are very old, from the blue AT&T Wireless, before Cingular days. Both lines are out of any contracts, eligible for phone upgrades.

    I need to end up with 1 primary line and 2 extra lines, with iPhone4s on both extra lines, and ported numbers on both extra lines.

    Have to port a T-Mobile number to the existing 1 extra line and get rid of that line's current number, is there a fee for that? Is it better to just delete the old ATT line and number, then activate a new line and port the T-Mobile number to that?

    I have to then add a 2nd extra line and bring a number from a different ATT account over to my account, is that considered a port? Its from one ATT account to another.

    I'm on my college's FAN with 10% service discount, no equipment discount. I read that if you're on a FAN you can't get any activation or upgrade fees waived which otherwise might be waived without a FAN?

    Trying to minimize cost for reconfiguring this account, adding a new line and two new data plans, upgrading minutes plan, upgrading text plan, was hoping to get some kind of discount on the one time upgrade/activation/port fees. Can anyone please advise?

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    You aren't touching the primary line right?

    1) First extra line already exists on your account, need to port number into it and upgrade to iphone4. I suggest upgrading before porting as number changes have been known to screw with upgrade eligibility. Since the line is over 30 days old there is a standard number change fee of 36 dollars (easy to get waived) but there is no fee to actually port.

    I don't suggest just canceling that line and doing a new activation as an add-a-line for this one.

    2) Need to move an AT&T number to your account as a third line, and upgrade it to iphone4. This is not a port, the current acct holder will have to authorize a TOBR (can do this easily online) and the number is simply moved to your account.

    3) As for getting fees waived, it's getting harder to get activation/upgrade fees waived in any situation as the company has been giving rigorous training to all customer-facing (in person or over phone) employees teaching not to waive these fees.
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    There is no porting within the same carrier. You simply add an existing line to your FamilyTalk plan. Be advised that this might have an effect upon your rollover minutes balance.
    Earl F. Parrish

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