Got the following push from Sprint:

Eclair.DE039/22/2010This update:
- Fixes Airplane Mode issues
- Corrects Skyfire browser power cycle issue
- Adds Select All option to Bulk Bluetooth contact push

I downloaded the update yesterday (Sat. 9/25/10) while walking to work. Took about 5 minutes.

Everything seemed to be just fine until the end of the day and I was unable to get the phone to pair with my car's built in hands free bluetooth. In the past, the connection has worked nearly flawlessly, I would occasionally have to re-pair the phone & car if I had rebooted the phone, but that usually took about 1 minute or less.

As of last night, the phone no longer sees the car's bluetooth device, even after multiple scans, so I have no way of paring them.

Anyone else have this issue? (or similar?)