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    Rogers prepaid...

    Hi, everyone!

    I know this question has been asked somewhere at sometime before but...

    I'm looking to buy a Blackberry 9000 and before spending $300 on it, I was wondering if I can even *use* this phone with Rogers Prepaid Data plans.
    On its site it features the Curve 8520, but I like the 9000 a lot better.

    Could anyone tell me this?


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    The regular day/week pass will work with some third party applications on Blackberries including the 9000. However, the default browser, e-mail, RIMs own instant messaging programs (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, GoogleTalk, BBM) won't work, and the RIM social network programs (Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace) won't work.

    If you want e-mail, instant messaging, or social networking to work, you can opt for one of the prepaid Blackberry social/chat/e-mail plans.
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