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Thread: having a few problems with droid x

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    having a few problems with droid x

    I can't get a com port created with this phone. also, i used the *22804 code and the metropcs prl was flashed. however, i have no added the esn to the inventory.

    i should be able to just bring it over there, and talk to the supervisor or something and get it added, right? not flashed, esn needs to be added.

    also, esn is not clean on verizon, but it shouldn't matter on metropcs -- i used to have an env touch with a bad esn and it flashed and worked fine.

    when i try to activate it on metro through the phone call menu, it tries and says that the esn is already being used. IS THIS BECAUSE THE ESN HAS NOT BEEN ADDED TO THE DATABASE YET?!!!!!

    let me know! i'm really trying to get this working!

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    only certain metropcs stores (non corporate) will add the esn,
    google\ebay\cl can help you adding an esn...i have done it several times...they charge 25-60 to add an esn to the database

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