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Thread: Rumor Touch - Can 3rd Party Apps Access GPS?

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    Rumor Touch - Can 3rd Party Apps Access GPS?

    I've tried several free GPS/map programs including Google Maps v3.0.2, but none of them appear to be able to access the internal GPS feature. Did Sprint lock it or something? Google Maps says only that "Sorry, My Location is not available on the device," but other programs I've tried specifically claim that they can't access the GPS function. I've already turned on the Location feature in the phone's settings.

    Is there a trick to this, are we limited to using purchased apps to get our location and heading, or have I not found the free app I'm looking for yet?

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    ive been playing with the lotus elite, which has largely the same sprint restrictions from what i can tell.
    nothing ive done works so far, and believe me, ive tried a lot. dev certificate wont work, changing the API policy file wont work, and changing the autonomous GPS settings wont work.
    im about to open a thread looking for hackers to break this open, dont know if itll be here or on sprintusers. ill post a link when i do.

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