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Thread: T-Mobile myTouch 3G virus?

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    T-Mobile myTouch 3G virus?

    I have a myTouch 3G for T-mobile and I have reason to believe that there is a virus on my phone. I've downloaded an antivirus app from the androd market but it says my phone is clean.

    Issue: My phone is synced with my gmail account and notifies me of any e-mails that I receive when I receive them. I received a notification this morning to sign into my account as the password I have is incorrect and for me to enter my password. I proceed to log into Gmail via my laptop and it advised me that my account have come unusual activity. After logging in and changing my password, I checked the history of log-in & IP address and discovered that someone logged in via a mobile device with an IP address based in Saudi Arabia. I did also receive a delivery failure notification with a link to a website (100% sure its spam) from my e-mail to another one of my g-mail accounts.

    Analysis: Based on the above, I feel that my account was compromised via a mobile device as I have not logged into my g-mail for quite some time on my laptop or any other PCs. This makes me weary to even log into my mobile banking app on my android phone.

    Question: Is this possible? What's the best way to clear this up on my phone without having to purchase another android phone? Will resetting the phone clear up this issue? Will T-mobile replace my android for this reason or is this not covered under the phone's warranty? (probably a stupid question, and they probably won't cover this).

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds more like somebody used another wireless device to do this. Not from your phone.

    My speed on my t-mobile G2 !!!

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