This should go in with the bunndles section but It wouldn't get enough attention so I'm gonna put it here.

We upgraded our Cable to the Extreme Plus from the Extreme package. This was crazy fast download speeds as I was used to the 1.5mb max speed. So it was fine on normal downloading, Vent, etc etc. However when we would try to play world of warcraft we would get kicked off repeatedly. This was highly annoying for us. I know it's not a computer problem because we tried 3 different computers and the same result. Deleted the wow cache folder, cleared the DNS cache. Nothing would work.

So I connected to the neighbors wifi and no issues on either the laptop or my desktop. So we returned the Rogers all in modem and went back to the old modem we where using and we have no had a issues sense then. At first the problems where because the built in router was conflicting with the house router. So we had rogers disable it and that worked for abit until it started to act up again.

Is there a cable modem that will connect to the Docsis 3 and get the proper speed out of it ?