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Thread: Porting out of Virgin, Account Number?

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    Porting out of Virgin, Account Number?

    I am porting my number from Virgin to another provider. This "upgrade" that happened in September I am sure will be costing them a lot of customers, including myself that was just looking for my service to continue in its existing state. Unfortunately, service outages and completely unannounced local calling area changes in addition to CSRs that are not empowered to actually fix anything will be causing me to jump ship.

    On the form on the new cell service provider, it asks for the phone number (obvious) and the account number.

    Is the account number the phone number, the ESN number or what? It is for a prepaid account.

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    when i ported my prepaid number i just needed to prove i owned the account.
    since i activated at a retail location i logged into my account on their computer as i did not have my cell with me.
    but the ESN number or PIN number should be good enough for a prepaid account.

    If you can, bring your wireless phone and most recent monthly bill with you when you visit your new prospective service provider. If you don’t have a bill, your new service provider will need to know your telephone number and one of the following: your account number; your password /PIN; or your phone’s ESN/MEID numbers which are located on the back of your phone under the battery. Your new service provider can assist you to identify your ESN (Electronic Serial Number) or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier).

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