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Thread: Tracfone: IT COSTS TOO MUCH!

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    Tracfone: IT COSTS TOO MUCH!

    That isn't my title, it's the title of most of the overaged people who come into our store to get a TracFone. Call me jaded, but I'm nice in the store... maybe...


    "How much are the phones?"

    "Well, this one is $25, that one is $25, that one is $10."

    "I like the way that one looks."

    "Okay, would you like to purchase it?"

    A long pause, and then "But it costs an awful lot."

    Since when is $25 too much to charge for a phone? But of course it gets better...


    "I'd like to get $25 on my TracFone."

    "Sorry, we don't have that card. We have the $20 and the $30 though."

    "Well, how many minutes does the $30 get you?"

    "Sixty minutes."

    "Wh-- that's almost nothing! What about the $30 card?"

    "One hundred twenty minutes."

    "I don't know... that one costs too much."

    Save me.


    A customer comes in and says "I know it says the due date on the phone ALL THE TIME, but I was stupid and let it slip for a month past the end, and now I can't make any calls."

    "Well, we can fix that for you but it'll probably take about an hour and cost you $10-15 for us to do it."

    "WHAT? I bought this phone here! I always get minutes here!"

    "Sorry, you can always do it yourself, just use their phone number."

    "I don't want to talk to retards from India!"

    "Those are really your only options, sir/madam."

    The angry customer storms out of the store. About five minutes later, returns, huffing, almost throwing the phone at me. "Fine, do it."

    If I had my way the fee would double...


    Just one final note. If you use your credit card to buy cards from us low-level stores, we pretty much lose money. A $20 card costs us about $20, and after giving Visa $5 for the transaction, we come out on the bottom.

    So you, being an old person who couldn't pass a credit check, using a credit card and costing us money for two years (why would you even use a credit card if your credit check went sour?), no, we do not consider you a valued customer. Please pay cash. And have a nice day.

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    first tracfone is way too expensive. They charge way too much for the amount of minutes you get. They then try to be cute and offer double minutes for life which in all honesty is still too much for the amount of minutes you get.

    As for the transaction and fees for using a credit card. Dont exaggerate because you make your entire argument seem like a lie when you do. 1st there is no way your company pays $20 to tracfone for a $20 card. Thats a lie. 2nd, as a former business owner of multiple businesses for 15 years there is no way in any way possible no matter how bad of a deal you have with your credit card service providers do you pay $5 on a $20 transaction. Thats 25% and you sound like a fool even saying it. Most of not all credit card transaction have a fee of 0 to 35 cents plus 1-3 % of the total sale and visa is usually around 1% with American Express being the expensive one at 3% or so.

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    If you're really paying that much credit card fee, find a better bank. Another thing, which is legal in most states, is a discount for cash. Penny pinching old codgers love getting something for less than sticker price (face value of a card) even if it is only a few cents. Make sure everyone in the store knows to promote it ONLY as "discount for cash"-- never say "surcharge for credit." The latter will get you in trouble.

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    Probably a better idea than what we've been doing, thanks for the tip

    Our store is small-town enough for us to not exactly do everything by the book, thank goodness. Unfortunately that means we also don't get the breaks big businesses do (so a lot of people come in, ask questions, and leave to find it cheaper someplace else).

    And no, TracFone is not expensive... if you want a "last resort" phone. Point to any other company that offers that kind excellent nationwide coveragefor $7 a month and I'll be stunned. Granted, I would never use it. But my mom is now a bona fide addict...

    I just work there

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