I'm an old Tmobile customer now using an old Nokia 6133 . I check my email via Tzones and MyEmail. I received a message from Tmobile that MyEmail is soon going away from Tzones.

I'm considering an upgrade so that I can actually have a more practical email solution. Looking at the G2. Someone told me to beware of Android and that I would have to go through gmail to get to my POP3 email accounts. From everything I've read online, it looks like the G2 email client should be able to get to POP3 email accounts directly without going through gmail. Is that correct? I have POP3 email accounts hosted on Network Solutions.

Also, is the G2 an international device? When I look at phones at tmobile.com and filter for International devices it does not come up on the list. I'm hoping that's a filter problem. I travel outside the US occasionally and like the old Nokia since it works well for an occasional phone call.

Thanks for any guidance.