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Thread: best feature phone for tmobile

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    best feature phone for tmobile

    What is the best feature ( dumb ) phone in tmobile line up right now?

    I'm looking for something i dont have to pay smartphone internet plan with. something i can grab right now or within the end of the month.

    main features i want.

    1. reception. quality.
    3. loudness of speaker
    4. battery life

    Right now i have a moto razr with a dead battery. I might just buy a battery off ebay for $10 and keep using this.
    HoFo Feedback

    Tmobile Familytime 700
    -$59.99 700 anytime minutes, Free Nights/Weekend and mobile2mobile
    -$9.99 Unlimited text on all lines.
    -$19.98 3rd/4th line ($9.99 x 2)
    -$10.00 Pref Phone First Web ($5 a line x 2)
    15% off discount
    $116 after taxes/junk fees.

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