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Thread: LG Sine Plus vs Motorola Milestone

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    LG Sine Plus vs Motorola Milestone


    With Koodo Mobile, and they don't have many good phones, but I like their pricing so I'm sticking with them.

    I want a phone with a touchscreen, slideout is nice but not a requirement, must be android, must have a "decent" camera, GPS and wifi. I text quite a bit and make a fair bit of phone calls. I do not use the internet on my phone a lot, just to check email, look up a piece of info or use wiki, so maybe 200 mb a month.

    So far I've narrowed it down to 2 phones. I can get the LG Shine plus new for 250 on Kijiji and a Moto Milestone for 250 used on kijiji. I think the Shine plus will work with koodo, anyone know for sure?

    Battery life, build quality and overall user experience matter.

    Does anyone have both of these phones and can compare them directly?

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    Shine Plus is a rare phone, and I don't really know how many carriers have them. Pretty sure it would leave some people scratching their heads about what is that?

    LG Shine Plus is the GSM version of the LG Ally in Verizon. It has nothing to do with the Shine dumbphone.

    Your decision smacks of an automotive analogy. Want to buy a used BMW 3 series or a brand new Honda Accord coupe?

    Ally/Shine Plus is a nice mid end phone, but the Milestone has a high end heritage. Bigger screen, higher resolution, more powerful processor, promise of Android 2.2 coming for it. IMO, I would go with the Moto.
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    Well I can tell you one thing about LG, I haven't heard to many positive feed backs from people
    who have used them. I would say it's probably better to go with the Motorola Milestone. It has better features
    like Wi-Fi, 5MP camera and a 1GHz processor.

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    Depending on your hands and keyboard skills, the square format of the Moto keys can leave your hands like a pretzel. I opted for the Shine Plus, but was a fanatic BB user and am still making the adjustment. I just wanted to try Android and touch screen for something but wasn't sure about not have a real QWERTY KB.

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    I've never used the LG shine plus, but I had 2 milestones, my word of advice would be to test the call quality for at least 5 mins before you buy. Both of my milestones were horrible, nobody could hear me, they would say that I was constantly breaking up and when it wasn't staticky I sounded far away. I thought it was just the first one I bought, so I exchanged at telus for another and still had the same issue. It was so bad I couldn't keep the phone and frankly turned me off motorola completely. Anyways, either one will definitely work on koodo, just test it out first. Good luck
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