I'm about to go on a trip to Switzerland and was planning on my Verizon BlackBerry Storm (9530) to just work with roaming fees. I then realized my CDMA SIM card isn't going to work in a GSM area, so I called VZW to ask them about unlocking the SIM. Their response was that because I'm a week behind in paying my current bill, they wouldn't unlock the card for me. In addition, they wouldn't enable global calling for me, for the same reason. After all that, I was told that they'd be glad to help me if I paid my bill in full over the phone.

I'll pay them, eventually, but that call was fairly frustrating and demeaning. Meanwhile, since I need to leave within 48 hours, I was hoping to learn the best way to approach this without the help of VZW. I know there are multiple 3rd-party unlock services as well. I was wondering whether one of these services is more reputable than others, as how to go about getting a GSM SIM and provider for a very short stay (< 4 days).

Thank you for your help.