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Thread: LG 900G Net10

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    Quote Originally Posted by slho View Post
    I am silly to buy 900g this stupid phone. I don't know it locked to NET10 only before. My service net is China Mobile. After sevral days I will go back to China. For me It is only a brick. Worthless. I hate US Mobile phone service. They make the phone like a brick.
    Yeah, but it wasn`t manufactured of toxic waste products.

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    Yes it has a sims card

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    sync NET10 LG900 G with Outlook and plan warning

    Quote Originally Posted by humidor View Post
    I have a question concerning the bluetooth connection to the Lg Pc suite. I'd like to synchronize Outlook with the phone, but I don't have a USB cable. It is no problem to connect the phone with Windows 7 (64bit) and transfer data, but I can't pair with the Lg PC Suite. The connection wizard asks me to enter a passcode, which I should type in in the phone as well. The problem is that I can just choose between "Yes" and "No" for a given passcode I have not chosen on the computer. The code is randomly so I can't just type in code sent the previous time in the PC suite.
    Can anyone help me or explain how you connected the LG Pc suite (V3.2.27.20110119) with the LG900g ? Thank you very much. I already tried using PC suite V2 and V4 and the trial version of Mobiledit.
    I was told via on line chat with a NET10 rep on the NET10 site that the LG 900G would sync with Outlook. So I went ahead and got it. After searching the instructions and the web, I called customer service and was told that this phone WILL NOT SYNC WITH OUTLOOK. That I would have to enter all my contacts manually.

    PLAN ALERT: You CANNOT download ring tones and graphics if you buy the $50 unlimited or the 750 minute card. That is why I bought the unlimited card!! I asked where this was stated. She said that they only say that you can do unlimited web browsing, and do not mention that "unlimited" does not include ring tones and graphics. So, no refund on the $50 card, which I would have gladly traded for $50 worth of air time that would include ring tones and graphics.

    Other than being misled at every turn, it is not a bad phone, just LIMITED!

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    Idk why the angry poster from China didn't just bring their own unlocked China mobile phone over here and pop a gsm sim from somebody like Tmobile or Att. Tracfone is NOT compatible with byod. Period. lol.

    In China though, even the cdma devices have ruim cards which can be swapped with gsm devices (otherwise cdma devices wouldn't sell at all) unlike here in the good ol' US where cdma is basically a barrier to easy byod (but still possible.).

    With companies like Tracfone or Net10 , it's easy to do byod. Bring another phone of the same brand.
    I call it Bring Your OLD device. Lol.

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