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Thread: Bell Contract Cancellation

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    Bell Contract Cancellation

    I just moved to Vancouver about 3 months and as such I wasn't sure as to which provider was the best. So, I signed a month to month with Bell on October 5th and decided to jump ship to Rogers on Oct 29th. So, I ported my number over to Rogers and now I have a bill from Bell for the month of November. They are saying that I had to give 30 days notice and that I owe them one month's worth of service charges for a line that was deactivated.

    Now my question is, how badly will this effect my credit rating here in Canada if i don't pay it. The bill is for $112. I was able to get a credit card as I work for a bank so that credit card was used as a basis to approve a line for me with Bell. Also, I believe they have my SIN on file as well. My credit rating in the US is unblemished and it was presumably transferred to Canada when I moved here, at least I put in a request for it, so will not paying this bill really effect my credit rating in a major way? Should I just get over and pay the Bill and hate Bell for ever instead?

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    Have you read the bell terms and condition when you first sign up?
    did you read it also for rogers???

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    ^pay the bill, less hassle and worry in the future..

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