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Thread: Can a deactivated phone be reactivated with a new #? How long do you need to wait?

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    Can a deactivated phone be reactivated with a new #? How long do you need to wait?

    Just canceled a prepaid phone a week ago, can I use it again on prepaid under a new account? Will it get a free $10?
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    Only new phones get the $10. Considering you are the owner of the phone and your name is on the account I don't see why you can't reactivate it with a new number because you can give yourself permission to detach it from the old account and put on the new one as the case may be.

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    If you canceled it and the ESN is clean, you can dial *22888 to open a new line. The $10 credit is once in the life of the phone. With a phone that has already redeemed it, you will need to add money to make the new line work (But, a $15.00 card will give 60 days of service). If you just activate and leave the balance at zero, the phone and line will get stuck in limbo.

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