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Thread: Cancelling a Koodo Mobile account while you still have a $32 tab & doing it online?

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    Cancelling a Koodo Mobile account while you still have a $32 tab & doing it online?

    Is cancelling my account online possible? I wish to leave Koodo as I already have a new phone. I have used Koodo for just over a year now. Can I cancel my account online? (I can't seem to find any information for this on their website, or in the self-serve section online.) What happens with my tab that is still of $32..? Can I pay that online? I pay my bills online by debt card each month.

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    As Far as I know no Major Post Paid Cell Provider lets you cancel service on line or even in store, it always has to be called in.. If you owe $32 in tab it will be added to your final bill and when you get it you pay it like you normally do.
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    Port your number and it will automatically cancel your Koodo account.

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