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Thread: SW Colorado Conversion - Delayed

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    SW Colorado Conversion - Delayed

    Hey All...

    AT&T customer here. I was excited when AT&T and the government finally worked out the deal for the divested Alltel markets. I've been booted for excessive roaming from my iPhone and AT&T once already since moving to Durango and continue to get nasty-grams from AT&T about it.

    A couple months back I dropped by the local Alltel corporate store to see what they knew. I was pysched to see an iPhone on display, and the gentleman i spoke with was excited to tell me that the store would be rebranded by the 1st of the year, and the conversion would be complete.

    I stopped by the store again. Major construction going on, with lotsa orange displays poking thru the construction curtain. So the rebranding is happening. But this time the greeter wasn't as excited, and he mentioned the Jan 7th phone selection deadline. But said they were now hoping for February for the actual conversion. Another Alltel woman walked up, and her response was "February to March". Bummer.

    Any current Alltel customers around here have any more details?

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    Yes, it was delayed about a month

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    same problem with z10 at&t..

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