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    Unhappy iPhone 3G on "Straight Talk" (WORKING)

    Ok, first of all, theres ALOT of controversy about if it will work because straighttalk (walmart brand, $45/month unlimited talk text web) is CDMA blah blah blah.

    Straight Talk first off uses tmobile, AT&T, + Verizon's Towers. It all depends on which phone you buy.

    Now, the new Nokia E71 for $199 at wal mart is their first phone on AT&T 3.5G towers and is their first fully functional smart phone on the $45 plan.

    I bought it. Tried the SIM card it came with in an iPhone 3G 8GB and IT WORKS. You do NOT need to unlock your iphone or jealbreak it, THIS SIM CARD WILL WORK IN ANY UNLOCKED CELL PHONE! (Or any phone that's branded AT&T). I tried in 4 different phones, it works!

    This SIM card can ONLY be found with the Nokia e71, other straighttalk sim's will NOT work in any phone. So practically your getting an AT&T sim card with it you can use in any phone.

    Now to my point - my iPhone works for talk and texting, but the internet does NOT WORK and MMS (picture messaging) DOES NOT WORK.

    I NEED the "APN" Settings for the straighttalk nokia E71 for it to work,and i do not have the phone anymore, i kept the SIM in my iPhone and sold it.

    So if ANYONE could PLEASE help me out in getting the net to work on my iPhone, PLEASE help me!

    And if anyone wants to bash me saying i do not have an iPhone on straighttalk, ill reply and make a youtube video showing proof.

    thanks so much


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    Google "apn changer"

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    There is a thread in StraightTalk forum that deals with this.

    They will be much more helpful than the iPhone specific forum.
    Seems like it is cool to have these in your sig?

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